Obama finally wears Rolex Replica

I remember very clearly that on the second day of the National Day holiday, there was a picture of Obama wearing Rolex on the internet. During his reign, Obama, who never wore any “watches”, finally wore Rolex. Rolex deserves to be president’s list. The president of the United States has many Rolex on his wrist, so I’d like to show you Obama’s Rolex.
Obama wearing Rolex shortly before.

When Obama was president, he seldom wore watches.
Many presidents in the United States wore watches, and Obama was less likely to wear names when he was president. Through the observation and record of domestic and foreign game player, we know that Obama wore the watch in the ruling period, Jorg Gray, TAG Heuer Chronograph diving table, New N7 electronic Balance. And when Obama was elected president, Waterloo gave Obama a watch (cricket table of Waterloo). Because there were several presidents in American history who wore the watches of Waterloo, and he had the traditional feelings with the president of the United States, but there was no photo record of Obama wearing this watch.


The Jorg Gray Chronograph worn before Obama.
It’s funny how Obama was watched by the watches when the president wore the Jorg Gray chronograph. Originally unknown, in the domestic completely unknown Jorg Gray was instantly brought fire. Jorg Gray (George Grey) was originally a very cheap brand, Obama Day Jorg Gray Chronograph price of only $more than 300, with the Japanese quartz movement, and I estimate that this table is very likely is our domestic oem. This led to the same type of Obama watches in the domestic fire. Some business got Obama with the Jorg Gray 6500 chronograph, and began selling in China, the price is very low, with the name Obama the same paragraph, sell very fire. In the United States Obama, even for the benefit of the domestic business table and his eight pole could not beat the horse, thanks.


Jorg Gray watches sold in china.
Finally, Obama wears Rolex too.
There is no doubt that Rolex is one of the most popular watches worn by the president of the United States, including Trump, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Reagan, both wearing Rolex. Because many of these American presidents wore DAY DATE of the gold chain, so Rolex DD was also called the president list”. Now, Obama, the former president of the United States, also wears Rolex, but Obama’s choice is different from that of other people”.
Obama’s wrist was photographed with Rolex’s new cut Roman 50509, platinum, three pins, and no calendar. This table is the newest generation, and it’s also on sale now. The new generation of Rolex has changed dramatically compared with the old one.

1317 1318
Obama with Rolex Cellini 50509.
1, the old Cellini is manual, using manual winding movement. The new generation of Rolex Replica Watches has become an automatic meter, using the 3135 series movement.
2, old Roman is two needle table (Prince type is small needle), no additional function. The next generation is all the big three needles. And start with additional function, the two phase, and calendar model.
3. The size of old cut is small, 33 mm, 35 mm. The new generation has increased the size to 39 millimeters.
4, new generations add a lot of detail, with a fine dog ring and lock handle.

Rolex’s new cut, from left to right, is a three pin model, calendar model, the two models.
Is the most unique table in all Rolex, is the only non oyster table in many Rolex, is the most similar to Rolex’s Rolex. General Rolex, like DD, DJ, Kelpie, Daytona, oyster perpetual and so on, are oyster table, using the oyster shell. Oyster is the Rolex Replica patent case, by means of Rolex’s patented technology to watch the outer ring and the bottom cover and tighten the crown in the middle case, so Rolex has good waterproof and dustproof. The only one is oyster form, because it is a standard form. There was a saying, “buy Rolex, buy oyster watch.”. There are two meanings in this sentence. One is the oyster watch, and the other is that you don’t buy the cut. This sentence is mainly circulated in the second hand, mainly considering the supply and demand of the market, taking into account the need for resale value, which is caused by the specific market environment. But now it doesn’t matter, because the new generation of Roman’s “Yan” is really high. Obama didn’t wear DD, DJ, and he was wearing a cut.

Rolex oyster case structure.
It’s easy to start with Obama.
To tell you the truth, want to play Rolex, do not understand a little two market is really not (overseas markets, the secondary market), because the domestic Rolex store nothing. Go to the field during the national day, stood a black ceramic ring Daytona found in the local Rolex store, the official price. Anyway, I have pocket than face clean, my wife saw say, to the Daytona price to buy is made. But people say, this table does not sell, it is placed at the counter, a year on this one. This is a common phenomenon of sports fatigue, counters do not, the two level market everywhere, what to have what. But this is not going to happen to Roman. He buys it very well, and the price is good. That’s what the market wants, and for Rolex, it’s an unpopular list.

Rolex’s new version of the time series (top) and the calendar Version (part two). Nowadays, the trend of fashion in the world is more inclined to move, because the young people who buy luxury goods now have more, and the trend of fashion has changed. High grade sports table is relatively hot, the formal table of the market down. Cellini in more than 120 thousand to more than 140 thousand (average price of gold, the different functions of different high and low prices), in the impact on exchange rates, discounts, used these factors, the price is not high. Of course, according to the market of the two channels, rose gold and platinum lower (higher than the white rose gold gold 28000). The table on Obama’s hand is 50509 platinum shell, the actual price is the lowest one, mainly because it is the third pin, and the other is platinum. Obama this table, recent new full set, 2016., than the price of second-hand submariner single table cheaper, you can refer to the market. We can also see the changes in fashion trends from the green ghost and the cutting star.
When Obama was in power, he didn’t wear watches. Now think about it for a low profile……

Now that you’re talking about Obama, just drop in and see what Trump wears.
The current president of the United States, Trump, often wears cheap replica watches, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, including words, not much, directly on the map.

Vacheron Constantin 1968, the president of the United States wears Trump.

Trump DD, the president of the United States, wears Rolex.

Trump Ellipse, the president of the United States, wears Patek Philippe.

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18ct eternal rose gold case
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