Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 With Everose Gold And Black Ceramic Bezel, Suitable For 2015

In 2015, Cheap Rolex Replica Watches launched a new version of the Rolex Yacht Master with a very attractive sport, now in a new type of strap called Rolex Oyster Flex. I will explain in detail later. This reference 116655 yacht owner is 40 mm wide, but will also have a 37 mm wide ref. 268655 yacht owner. Unlike the traditional yacht owners known for their platinum bezels, the new 2015 yachts will feature a black ceramic bezel. We really like this new black and gold theme yacht owner that is both luxurious but not mixed.

The Rolex Yacht Owner 116655 includes an internal manufacturing caliber 3135 for automatic movement, while the smaller 268655 includes 2236 automatic motion. These two actions are more or less functionally the same three-handed action as the date. The advantage of the new Cerachrom bezel is that Fake Rolex Watches can make it with embossed markers – this is a new process we are interested in. This adds a new character to the yacht owner that we have never seen before.

The main box at 18k Everose Gold Yachts is uniquely matched to another new debut – Rolex Oyster Flex Strap. Here’s Rolex’s own words to describe this cool new official Rolex Replica bracelet alternative:

“From an aesthetic point of view, it is soft and comfortable, like a rubber strap, and its resistance is equivalent to a metal strap.” The bracelet is attached to the case and the oyster lock safety buckle by a flexible titanium-nickel metal blade. The blade is covered with a high-performance black elastomer that is particularly resistant to environmental influences and is extremely durable and completely inert to watch wearers. To enhance the comfort of the watch, the watch’s watch has a patented longitudinal cushioning system that keeps the watch stable. The bracelet is fitted with an 18-layer ct long-life gold oyster lock safety buckle to prevent accidental opening.

As you can see, the oyster stretch band is not rubber, but it means it feels longer and fits like a bracelet with a metal inside. Of course Rolex Replica Watches may make Oysterflex shoulder straps/bracelets available in future Rolex models (although what models, when we don’t know), now if you want a new 2015 Yacht-Master 37mm wide or 40mm wide oyster you need (Waterproof 100 meters). The third-party rubber strap of the Rolex sports watch has been around for a while, and now you can get something from Rolex. We can’t wait to try it on.

For a while, Swiss Rolex Watches has been dedicated to cating to enthusiastic consumers who are very concerned about the products that are popular in the aftermarket and how people wear Rolex watches. They have always been keen to maintain the brand tradition while also adapting to changing tastes in terms of size, color, materials and straps – this is what we cheer for. For Rolex enthusiasts, 2015 was an exciting year as they not only got new colors, but also acquired new technologies like the caliber 3255 sport and the Oysterflex bracelet.

Despite the high price (we will update the price soon), the 2015 116655 Rolex Yacht Master Watch 18k Everose gold in the Oysterflex will be an ideal model and may reinvigorate the interest of the yacht owner series.

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