Rolex Sky-Dweller Watch: New Golden Color Hands-on Practice

As early as 2012, Cheap Rolex Replica Watches launched a rare new watch, the owner of this watch is the “air occupant” watch family (debut here). I said “rare” because Rolex launched a new series of watches that are not common – and there is a new name. The Rolex Sky-Dweller is also the most complex Hyundai Rolex watch because it includes a sport that combines GMT time indicators as well as an annual calendar (its date and month of tracking, so you only need to adjust the date to February for those 28 days).

From a technical point of view, the internally manufactured Rolex Caliber 9001 automatic movement is quite cool. Like the timing movement inside the yacht owner’s II model, this sport is characterized by a unique system that helps to adjust the border of the watch. It works cool because the watch has only one crown, no propulsion, and the panel can be rotated to the left or right to help adjust various functions. Its work is surprisingly good, it is a mysterious part of Rolex, the sky occupants, the rare “complex” Rolex watch. Of course, Rolex Replica Watches can make more complicated watches, if they want, but given that they are efficient machines, they are cautious because the complex movements require more care and no problems to assemble.

What makes Rolex’s sky occupants unique is the size of the case. The 42mm wide Rolex sky-resident is one of only a few “bigger” Rolex watches. It has a 42mm Explorer II and a Yacht with the Yachtmaster II. If you are used to a 42mm wide watch, then Rolex’s “sky-resident” watch must be large because of its large ear holes. It is more like a 44mm wide watch. Of course, it comes with an oyster-style shell that has a uniquely popular Rolex Replica look and 100 meters of water resistance.

When Rolex debuted Rolex’s sky occupants, it was only in gold – but in 18k yellow, rose (Everose), and platinum. In 2014, the collection of Rolex watches increased from 3 to 6. There are still no new material options, but there are new dial styles (this are the models described in this article), as well as new options for straps or bracelets. You will notice that Fake Rolex Watches offers a specific version of Rolex Sky occupants and other dial-up versions matching the 18k gold bracelet on the strap.

If you like the appearance of a slotted Rolex bezel, then you will most likely like the look of Rolex’s sky occupants. The precision ground and polished case is clean and the details are very cute. Of course, Rolex’s “sky occupants” have a “controversial” element, which is the dial design – something people like or dislike. I have never felt that the Rolex Sky occupant is an overly beautiful design, but I have begun to truly respect its functional elements. For most people, the real problem is the “open” Greenwich Mean Time dial and the boned pointer. The integration of the almanac is still smart, because the monthly indicator is actually an hourly indicator of the external number of a window. Therefore, the 2 o’clock window is filled to mean February. At 6 o’clock, the window that was stuffed in was June, and so on…

Of course, this is combined with a traditional date window that again mounts the sapphire crystal on top of which the magnifying glass crystals. Although Swiss Rolex Watches does have GMT-master II and Explorer II as their main GMT watches, Rolex Sky Residents do a little different. They offer another GMT watch, but with a dial and a hand. The design of this disc is a bit controversial, but still valid. In order to have some fun, we played a variety of “Rolex sky – resident” watches – if they are here. As a whole, the open GMT disc integrates what everyone wants, with a slanted edge window and a beautiful circular design that uniquely adds to the composition of the watch. Real time classic? Maybe not, but definitely Rolex.

My favorite new Rolex sky occupant model is the reference 326139 18k white gold and black dial. The Greenwich Mean Time disc is silver plated and the entire dial is quite clear. The red accent adds a beautiful sporty look, and this version of the Rolex Sky occupant comes to match the black strap. It feels very unique and beautiful in the Rolex designed by Rolex.

Also new is the Rolex Sky Resident Reference 326138 in 18k yellow gold with a silver dial and a brown leather strap. There are plenty of colors, it’s fun, and this will be with the existing Gold Rolex, Sky occupants with matching dials and gold bracelets. The last new version of Rolex Skyscraper adds the original three to the 262935 Everose bracelet paired with the “Sun Dust” dial in 18k Everose Gold.

The original Rolex watch in heaven had an Everose model, but it was on a strap with a dark-colored dial. It is hoped that there will be a bracelet with a more neutral color and matching the case on the bracelet – this is the case. In my opinion, this is the most classic Rolex of Rolex – well, next to the Rolex sky – resident watch is “326938” (Rolex’s Sky Resident Reference Table) It is a 18k gold dial with a bracelet and a champagne dial.

The occupants of the Rolex Sky are still a fun to get taste of the Rolex world to high-end brands (not including gems). If you’re looking for a cool sport, big size, and a unique Rolex class, there aren’t many other ways. The price of these Rolex watches is $38,150 (18k yellow gold on the strap), $39550 (18k white gold on the strap), $48,850 (18k Everose gold on the strap).

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