Rolex Cellini Time Diamond Watcher

In fact, unfortunately, I personally have no more opportunities to wear Rolex watches. In contrast to the more sporty products of this famous Swiss watch manufacturer, this is the official blood of the Rolex brand today. In 2014, Cheap Rolex Replica Watches launched a new version of the Rolex Cellini (Rolex Cellini) collection, which not only introduced a new watch, but also introduced three models, which were later further subdivided into (usually Only slightly different) series products. The simplest version of the new Rolex Cellini is “Cellini Time”, which means only the hour, minute, and second hand.

This special reference 50709RBR version is close to the top of the Rolex Cellini Timeline Pyramid and is one of the two models of diamond set borders. Of course, this collection starts with 18k diamond-free white or Everose gold standard Rolex Cellini, and can create up to two diamond models. One such model has a reduced grooved border with a thin diamond ring around the border and extra diamonds on the dial as timing markers; the current version of Cellini is the model in the picture, completely eliminated. Groove borders, with a larger row of cut diamonds to decorate the border. If you think about it, this is actually a very logical way to position your Rolex watch.

I mentioned how I put Rolex Cellini into the category of tuxedo watches because they are not only designed as formal watches, but also further designed as formal watches. What is the difference? Well, the watch is suitable for casual business wear for the office and other professionals. A formal watch is certainly elegant, but it goes one step further. It is more like a female ballroom dress – specifically designed to emphasize exclusivity and celebration.

So why is the Rolex Cellini Time a sturdy watch, when you want to feel exclusive and celebrate – especially when it comes to this model with diamonds? In this context, “exclusive” means more or less “expensive pricing” . This means that few people can own it, either because the price is too high or because it is rare. Rolex Replica Watches may not be rare in the context of watches, but considering the disposable income of most people, the ability to purchase Rolex watches is rare. Even in high-end watches, the Rolex watches are not common, because people who buy Rolex tend to insist on buying more traditional styles, such as submarines or Datejust, before they venture to buy more compact models such as Rolex Cellini.

Being a Rolex Replica boss means not only that it is probably not your only watch (as mentioned above), but that you have plenty of opportunities to celebrate. Why? Because you must have some reasons to wear formal attire, such as wearing a tuxedo, it is worth buying. However, it is still possible to “put on” the Rolex Cellini watch, but the question is “Why?” This is especially important in this era of Rolex Cellini watches with diamonds, because it is like a man’s prom dress. jewelry. Does this watch have a place for casual wear, or does it erode the core personality of what we consider to be the most formal watch?

It’s not big, but 39mm wide, Rolex Brasilini is modern in its scale without apologizing. This 39mm wide watch may be the new default size for men’s formal watches. This watch can be paired with a sleeve to perfectly match the formal tie for any formal occasion. Of course, this is best for the Platinum version of Rolex Cellini, and 18k Everose has a slightly larger effect because the color of gold metal is much more pronounced than that of pure gold. Then, by adding Rolex-standard diamonds to the frame of this 50709 Rolex Cellini watch, you will increase the “noise” volume a bit and let more people notice your watch.

The diamonds on the watch are designed to draw attention. The diamonds on the watch have no other use and are not needed in many ways. Since the invention of watches hundreds of years ago, watches have always been a sign of status and prestige. The best watches are also decorated to prove this, and today, the history of this diamond-decorated watch continues. The borders around the rows of stones do not add or subtract features, and all you sacrifice here is Rolex’s “mini version” of the famous slot borders that have become famous for Datejust and Day Date collections and appear in reduced form on the current generation of Rolex Cellini watches . Once again, there is a version of the Rolex Cellini time with a row of smaller diamonds and a smaller grooved frame called the Rolex Cellini 50609RBR (18k white gold and black dial), which tries to provide the best in its own way. Two worlds.

Rolex is Rolex. When choosing the most aesthetically attractive Fake Rolex Watches, it is unfair because each available model has different advantages. I think I specifically refer to the change of the dial, there is no obvious winner, everything is fine. On this Rolex Cellini 50709RBR, we have all the stick timing markers that are cut into an internal and external dial. I admit that the thin Roman numerals on the Rolex Cellini Time 50509 model (similar to the 18k white gold case with the silver enamel dial but no diamonds) did not appear.

The most difficult thing to design for the new Rolex Cellini is the dial. The challenge for Rolex is to create a minimalist look, a common dress watch, but with some elegant flares that people have been looking for from Rolex. Part of this design challenge is to show a minimal dial, but it doesn’t look empty. This forms a dial inside the dial that cannot reach the edge of the main dial because the actual indication of time is an internal indication. This is an acceptable solution and I agree that Rolex has indeed succeeded in creating a dial with the right mix of blanks and details. Having said that, I keep asking myself: “Is these hands too short?” Although I have responded to myself many times. The answer is no, the pointer is not too short, but it depends on the start and end points of the dial on the tick mark.

Waterproof 50 meters (don’t forget that the Rolex Salini watches are not Rolex Oyster watches), the new Rolex Salini watches are much more durable than the previous generation watches, even if they are not Rolex sports watches. The time pieces at Rolex Cellini are internally manufactured Rolex (and COSC Astronomical Clock certified) caliber 3135 4Hz automatic sports, you will find in some Rolex sports watches, including Rolex submarines sailors. The caseback has a polished and dome center, which reminds me of the old pocket watch and helps the personality of the Rolex Cellini series to be slightly different from many other Swiss Rolex Watches families.

It can be said that the Rolex Cellini 50706 immediately came back in 18k Platinum and its siblings watched the Rolex Cellini 50705 rbr in the 18k Everose matching dial very “early watch,” when recalling formal evenings and dances, perhaps more common (where the watch is a Very important part of a person’s dress). Today, this fact may still be true, although such events are not democratized and exist only in the elites of society. Rolex has always been a luxury watch manufacturer for successful people and inspirational people, but most of Rolex watches are “elite”? I will say “no” because Rolex actually did an admirable job as A luxury brand rather than an exclusive one, it prefers not to isolate their consumer groups.

Having said that, I think today’s Rolex does have its status as a product, depending on the status of different groups in life and interests. This is where Rolex Cellini comes in, because it fills the Rolex blank, and other models such as Datejust can’t be filled accurately. Rolex Cellini is indeed a niche Rolex, because although it does a good job in this area, there are a small number of people who have the opportunity to wear it. This is the most realistic of those models, such as the diamond-inlaid Rolex Cellini, which retails for €19,850.

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