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Not everyone likes Rolex Replica Watches, but the brand has a long history and an important contribution that can be calculated by the time measurement method and cannot be refuted. For example, Rolex. It is widely believed to create the first waterproof watch; it is also responsible for the first watch and an automatic date change, Datejust; the first table shows two time zones, GMT-Master. Today our attention is the Rolex GMT-Master, or Rolex GMT-Master II 116710 blnr – but first, a little history.

Hyundai Rolex GMT-Master II was introduced in 2005 in the form of all gold GMT-Master II Ref. 116718 ln. This will be an anniversary model, so take the iconic color of the Green Dial Rolex. The new Rolex GMT-Master II has a diameter of 40 mm, but it has what is now sometimes called “Super” and “Maxi Dial” – Rolex-speak for larger cases and fat markers, respectively, so it Looks and wears recommendations that are smaller than 40mm. For the first time, the ceramic frame was almost scratched and fade-proof Cheap Rolex Replica Watches claimed. Other changes include a larger Trip-lock crown, a new bracelet with a polished center link and an extended company Easylink for green 24 hour hands, and a new sport, caliber 3186. The new 3186 sport does not have the new features of the large caliber 3185, but it is equipped with Rolex’s new Parachrom hairspring, which now operates more smoothly and accurately.

A year later Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116718 ln, Rolex half-gold, released or in different shades, the version is called the referee. 116713 ln; In 2007, the all-steel Ref was finally released. 116710 ln. While no one can argue about the technology to improve the new Rolex GMT-Master second-hand watch, one thing is clearly missing these new watches are two-color watch cases that allow the older Fake Rolex Watches GMT-Master to recognize. If you have any doubts, the old aluminum frame can be easily printed. But ceramic materials are much more difficult, and for a long time, Rolex said that it is impossible to have a two-tone border in ceramic.

Imagine our surprise, when in 2013 this Rolex launched a new steel Rolex GMT-Master II with blue and black ceramic borders – Ref. 116710 BLNR (BLNR blue/black). It was a relaxing star of last year’s performance, we made a well-made new ceramic frame last year, and the good-looking watch was meat.

From this fact 116710 blnr block Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. Flying into the homes of ordinary people, the resale value is very close to the retail price, even the Rolex Replica standard – it seems that we are not the only one who thinks so. In fact, many dealers, at least in part of my world, actually only charge for this. Until looking around, ask me to find a dealer, he is happy to sell it at retail prices.

For this review, I won’t tell you the features and technical details of this watch, I think the 3186 caliber function is back in our review of Steel and Gold Ref. 116713. In addition, the Rolex GMT-Master II is a popular observation, which should be familiar to most people. But I would say that the case is built to be sturdy and polished, and the bracelets and buttons are also of the highest quality. In addition, the extended company Easylink for bracelets can be carefully extended by 5 mm and is a life-saving straw on a warm day. Not everyone is a fan of polished center-links, but I like it because it distinguishes the GMT-Master II submarine and makes it look a bit party.

My main thing to say is the new blue and black borders, and whether it is worth paying the price difference standard Ref. 116710 ln. , Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116710 blnr currently sells for about $600 Ref. 116710 price of ln.

Now, the two-tone ceramic border is a rather daunting technical feat and the process of actually starting in blue, mixed with black and using a patented Rolex. As we all know, the second sound is publicly exposed by half of the shielded frame, a special chemical treatment. The transition between the two colors is perfect and extremely sharp, with no noticeable bleeding and ambiguity. The number is then engraved with a thin layer of platinum to give the leaves a smooth surface, and the three-dimensional looks both eye-catching and clear.

Admittedly, the combination of blue and black is an unusual choice for Swiss Rolex Watches, which has never been done before. This Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116710 blnr. Color is of course a very subjective topic, but blue will make sense in some sense – blue during the day, hours and hours and black. If the blue is not you, I guess you can stop reading and choose the referee. 116710 ln.

However, if you are moving towards neutral or partial blue, the next thing to note is that the shade of blue varies depending on the light. In a bright environment, under direct sunlight, for example, blue is very good, amazing, and at a certain angle, it looks almost purple. At low illumination, the blue color disappears and the border looks almost completely black. It won’t be a chameleon that says this two-color border.

I really appreciate the quality of such watches, which I think adds a lot of visual energy and diversity, compared to the pure black border of the Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116710 ln. My personal experience, no matter how many photos can do the way the border of the right is reacting to light; I don’t all just represent my own point of view, because this is a view that is watched by many other shipowners. Honestly, your thoughts about this watch may change the flesh that sees it.

But this Rolex quality GMT-Master II Ref. 116710 blnr can also work, especially if you want a more serious, melancholy watch. In my opinion, Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116710 blnr is definitely more casual and fun, if it is not your thing, then you are better to judge. 116710 ln black border. Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116710 ln is a true modern classic that can be used to do something wrong with my book.

Despite the Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116710 blnr and Ref. 116710 ln is essentially the same except for the border (blue hour hand and white GMT-Master II text dial), which are not the same cost. And some you might be wondering if the Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116710 blnr’s premium of about $600 is worth it. I personally think so. This is not only Rolex’s, but in fact, the world’s first two-tone ceramic border. Secondly, I like this Rolex has been blue and black instead of blue and red or black and red. Blue and black are the first, I think it is also very unique. Finally, I like the blue border to show different colors because it plays with light.

In the end, if you sit on the fence and are difficult to judge, Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116710 blnr and Ref. 116710 ln, I will give you a cliché, but effective advice: try to wear them both. I continue to go back to this, but this is a very important aspect of the referee, 116710 blnr and the way the border is played with light requires first hand experience. In the end, all in all, these two watches are in a sentence, I think the referee. 116710 ln is classic and practical, and referee. 116710 blnr is a bit more interesting and special. Rolex GMT-Master II 116710 blnr is priced at $8,950.

Rolex Sky-Dweller Watch: New Golden Color Hands-on Practice

As early as 2012, Cheap Rolex Replica Watches launched a rare new watch, the owner of this watch is the “air occupant” watch family (debut here). I said “rare” because Rolex launched a new series of watches that are not common – and there is a new name. The Rolex Sky-Dweller is also the most complex Hyundai Rolex watch because it includes a sport that combines GMT time indicators as well as an annual calendar (its date and month of tracking, so you only need to adjust the date to February for those 28 days).

From a technical point of view, the internally manufactured Rolex Caliber 9001 automatic movement is quite cool. Like the timing movement inside the yacht owner’s II model, this sport is characterized by a unique system that helps to adjust the border of the watch. It works cool because the watch has only one crown, no propulsion, and the panel can be rotated to the left or right to help adjust various functions. Its work is surprisingly good, it is a mysterious part of Rolex, the sky occupants, the rare “complex” Rolex watch. Of course, Rolex Replica Watches can make more complicated watches, if they want, but given that they are efficient machines, they are cautious because the complex movements require more care and no problems to assemble.

What makes Rolex’s sky occupants unique is the size of the case. The 42mm wide Rolex sky-resident is one of only a few “bigger” Rolex watches. It has a 42mm Explorer II and a Yacht with the Yachtmaster II. If you are used to a 42mm wide watch, then Rolex’s “sky-resident” watch must be large because of its large ear holes. It is more like a 44mm wide watch. Of course, it comes with an oyster-style shell that has a uniquely popular Rolex Replica look and 100 meters of water resistance.

When Rolex debuted Rolex’s sky occupants, it was only in gold – but in 18k yellow, rose (Everose), and platinum. In 2014, the collection of Rolex watches increased from 3 to 6. There are still no new material options, but there are new dial styles (this are the models described in this article), as well as new options for straps or bracelets. You will notice that Fake Rolex Watches offers a specific version of Rolex Sky occupants and other dial-up versions matching the 18k gold bracelet on the strap.

If you like the appearance of a slotted Rolex bezel, then you will most likely like the look of Rolex’s sky occupants. The precision ground and polished case is clean and the details are very cute. Of course, Rolex’s “sky occupants” have a “controversial” element, which is the dial design – something people like or dislike. I have never felt that the Rolex Sky occupant is an overly beautiful design, but I have begun to truly respect its functional elements. For most people, the real problem is the “open” Greenwich Mean Time dial and the boned pointer. The integration of the almanac is still smart, because the monthly indicator is actually an hourly indicator of the external number of a window. Therefore, the 2 o’clock window is filled to mean February. At 6 o’clock, the window that was stuffed in was June, and so on…

Of course, this is combined with a traditional date window that again mounts the sapphire crystal on top of which the magnifying glass crystals. Although Swiss Rolex Watches does have GMT-master II and Explorer II as their main GMT watches, Rolex Sky Residents do a little different. They offer another GMT watch, but with a dial and a hand. The design of this disc is a bit controversial, but still valid. In order to have some fun, we played a variety of “Rolex sky – resident” watches – if they are here. As a whole, the open GMT disc integrates what everyone wants, with a slanted edge window and a beautiful circular design that uniquely adds to the composition of the watch. Real time classic? Maybe not, but definitely Rolex.

My favorite new Rolex sky occupant model is the reference 326139 18k white gold and black dial. The Greenwich Mean Time disc is silver plated and the entire dial is quite clear. The red accent adds a beautiful sporty look, and this version of the Rolex Sky occupant comes to match the black strap. It feels very unique and beautiful in the Rolex designed by Rolex.

Also new is the Rolex Sky Resident Reference 326138 in 18k yellow gold with a silver dial and a brown leather strap. There are plenty of colors, it’s fun, and this will be with the existing Gold Rolex, Sky occupants with matching dials and gold bracelets. The last new version of Rolex Skyscraper adds the original three to the 262935 Everose bracelet paired with the “Sun Dust” dial in 18k Everose Gold.

The original Rolex watch in heaven had an Everose model, but it was on a strap with a dark-colored dial. It is hoped that there will be a bracelet with a more neutral color and matching the case on the bracelet – this is the case. In my opinion, this is the most classic Rolex of Rolex – well, next to the Rolex sky – resident watch is “326938” (Rolex’s Sky Resident Reference Table) It is a 18k gold dial with a bracelet and a champagne dial.

The occupants of the Rolex Sky are still a fun to get taste of the Rolex world to high-end brands (not including gems). If you’re looking for a cool sport, big size, and a unique Rolex class, there aren’t many other ways. The price of these Rolex watches is $38,150 (18k yellow gold on the strap), $39550 (18k white gold on the strap), $48,850 (18k Everose gold on the strap).

MadeWorn American Hand-Carved Rolex Watch

Well, despite the complaints, the final sculpture is gorgeous and very precise. These are world-class decorations that you can find on the best guns or blades. I really like the carvings on the watch – although I personally don’t like tattoos, I don’t mind the tattoos on my watch. According to MadeWorn, each of their watches takes about a month to engrave, and no two watches are the same.

For this reason, every engraving Cheap Rolex Replica Watches will provide a unique piece. From a logistical point of view, this is very difficult for Halvorson. If he wants to produce any type of watch, he needs to constantly get a new watch as the basis, and then work with the engraver to design an interesting design. It is entirely possible in the future that manufacturing wear will provide a limited edition, or the engraved watch is not Rolex – but currently, the manufacture of worn watches will be based entirely on the Rolex watches they have acquired.

In some cases, the wearer will apply a black dlc coating on the engraved watch, which will increase the fun of the watch. For example, I can compare two Rolex Replica Watches, one made of steel and the other made of DLC black steel. Although the black selection is cool, it seems to me that it is the best steel model because you can see the engraving better. Moving on, some old watches made in black may have inlaid colors to show more engraving. In many ways, creating unique works requires a lot of creativity and experimentation.

Among the several carved Fake Rolex Watches I saw at the MadeWorn store, my favorite is the all-steel Datejust II watch. It is very interesting to see that the world’s “commercial watches” are full of meticulous and charming decorations. I won’t say it’s for everyone, but for people like me who like “art density,” this is a surprising (and expensive) item that can detect a lot of “I want” boxes. . If you prefer a simple Scandinavian style design, then you probably won’t like a classic watch too much because its clean lines are stained by countless hand-carved small pictures.

You don’t need to be a fan of their watches to enjoy their watches. In a sense, watches are very different from the typical (if any) clothing products that people are familiar with. At the same time, they will appear at the same time if you wish. I am really happy that Brian has spent time assembling the right talents to make these beautiful works. For many watch lovers, I think this is a good way to combine some of their hobbies into a watch. . MadeWorn, of course, is open to special projects, because at the end of the day, what Halvorson has to do is to bring people with creative horizons together and create something cool.

The prices of these unique custom Swiss Rolex Watches vary from about $10,000 and will rise later. Each of them takes the basic value of a new or used Rolex watch and adds about a month of artistic labor. In this article, Rolex Explorer, engraved on a leather strap, is priced at $12,000. The Rolex Datejust with turquoise on the custom bracelet is $16,000. The Rolex watch is engraved on the bracelet and is worth $22,000. The Rolex Datejust II engraved on the bracelet is worth $24,000. The black Rolex watch with a dlc coating on the bracelet is priced at $26,000, and a sold dlc coated Datejust II watch is priced at $28,000.

Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 With Everose Gold And Black Ceramic Bezel, Suitable For 2015

In 2015, Cheap Rolex Replica Watches launched a new version of the Rolex Yacht Master with a very attractive sport, now in a new type of strap called Rolex Oyster Flex. I will explain in detail later. This reference 116655 yacht owner is 40 mm wide, but will also have a 37 mm wide ref. 268655 yacht owner. Unlike the traditional yacht owners known for their platinum bezels, the new 2015 yachts will feature a black ceramic bezel. We really like this new black and gold theme yacht owner that is both luxurious but not mixed.

The Rolex Yacht Owner 116655 includes an internal manufacturing caliber 3135 for automatic movement, while the smaller 268655 includes 2236 automatic motion. These two actions are more or less functionally the same three-handed action as the date. The advantage of the new Cerachrom bezel is that Fake Rolex Watches can make it with embossed markers – this is a new process we are interested in. This adds a new character to the yacht owner that we have never seen before.

The main box at 18k Everose Gold Yachts is uniquely matched to another new debut – Rolex Oyster Flex Strap. Here’s Rolex’s own words to describe this cool new official Rolex Replica bracelet alternative:

“From an aesthetic point of view, it is soft and comfortable, like a rubber strap, and its resistance is equivalent to a metal strap.” The bracelet is attached to the case and the oyster lock safety buckle by a flexible titanium-nickel metal blade. The blade is covered with a high-performance black elastomer that is particularly resistant to environmental influences and is extremely durable and completely inert to watch wearers. To enhance the comfort of the watch, the watch’s watch has a patented longitudinal cushioning system that keeps the watch stable. The bracelet is fitted with an 18-layer ct long-life gold oyster lock safety buckle to prevent accidental opening.

As you can see, the oyster stretch band is not rubber, but it means it feels longer and fits like a bracelet with a metal inside. Of course Rolex Replica Watches may make Oysterflex shoulder straps/bracelets available in future Rolex models (although what models, when we don’t know), now if you want a new 2015 Yacht-Master 37mm wide or 40mm wide oyster you need (Waterproof 100 meters). The third-party rubber strap of the Rolex sports watch has been around for a while, and now you can get something from Rolex. We can’t wait to try it on.

For a while, Swiss Rolex Watches has been dedicated to cating to enthusiastic consumers who are very concerned about the products that are popular in the aftermarket and how people wear Rolex watches. They have always been keen to maintain the brand tradition while also adapting to changing tastes in terms of size, color, materials and straps – this is what we cheer for. For Rolex enthusiasts, 2015 was an exciting year as they not only got new colors, but also acquired new technologies like the caliber 3255 sport and the Oysterflex bracelet.

Despite the high price (we will update the price soon), the 2015 116655 Rolex Yacht Master Watch 18k Everose gold in the Oysterflex will be an ideal model and may reinvigorate the interest of the yacht owner series.

Rolex Date 40 Watch & New Rolex 3255 Sports Hands

Earlier today, we reported on a new Rolex Replica Watches, and as long as the Rolex watch is on the market, we will release 40 watches. Today, I saw Rolex on the first day of Baselworld 2015. This is actually a press release day that is not open to the public. We can not only see and shoot the latest version of the new features, but also get a detailed explanation. Let’s see, now, first-hand how Rolex Date 40 is new, and what it offers for those in the market, from the production of a sophisticated – albeit highly versatile – classic work.

At the time of publication, we were not completely clear, but we can now be sure that Rolex’s date is 40 days. In fact, instead of Rolex’s date is 2, the “DD” is slightly reduced from 41 mm to 40 mm. . Rolex Replica actually refers to its “most prestigious model”, so it is no wonder that the latest, arguably the greatest Rolex movement is also making its debut in this updated series. First, we will discuss the new look and then discover the new Rolex 3255 caliber.

18k white gold, Everose gold, 950 white gold, 18k yellow gold – this is the four new versions of the Rolex 40-day watch, you can see above. Of course, there are several different versions depending on the material, dialing patterns and indicators, but we have seen all four metals – Rolex 40 will only provide the above materials (steel version) – so you can get a good idea The look of expectation.

Rolex has introduced a new dial selection, the model is made by laser etching a fluorescent lamp to complete the dial, making incredibly sharp and accurate lines – different widths, depending on the model – running over the entire dial. Etching is subtle when it comes to depth; it does not form deeper, more three-dimensional grooves on the dial like a guillotine. Not that the new Cheap Rolex Replica Watches dial lacks depth, you get the opposite mixture is silver, the soft light reflects the UV finishing, and the more interesting laser etch line seems to stand out more or almost completely disappear, depending on the light falling on dial. The overall experience is a beautiful dial, and its appearance is very versatile – adding some extra volume and clarity to the app metrics, and also improving legibility.

Speaking of the index, these options include a more traditional timing bar mark, which is said to improve lume – although the date of the Rolex watch is quite formal, it is a welcome development. On the other hand, you also have Roman numerals that are applied by hand, each consisting of several face-up golds, resulting in a “deconstructed” look. Although Roman numerals have historical talent, this design seems to be technically high and may be more masculine, especially compared to the simple way that Roman numerals are usually constructed.

The new Rolex date 40 is designed with the updated “President Bracelet”. This update involves the integration of the bracelet and the outer casing, which now appears to be made of the same piece of metal. More importantly, Fake Rolex Watches now uses ceramic inlays to connect the links together, which is a noteworthy development, because the use of ceramics will prevent the so-called “stretching” bracelets, and the old Rolex bracelets can be seen after decades. abrasion. What happens is that the metal is inserted into the traditional wear, so that the long-distance link is from one another, because it is possible that these watches will be worn for decades, and over time, the stretching of the bracelet becomes more and more obvious, these ceramics Insert, Rolex said, will perform better as the link to keep the bracelet is as nervous as the new one. In addition, on the platinum bracelet, Rolex pointed out that due to the nature of the metal, the movement of the link may be limited, but this is also considered to be a thing of the past, because the surface of the ceramic insert is extremely hard.

The new Rolex date 40 is also the new Rolex 3255 caliber, needless to say, it has been developed and manufactured entirely inside. In short, 3325 – almost completely designed from scratch, because Swiss Rolex Watches claims that more than 90% of the moving parts have been redesigned and optimized – with 14 Rolex patents and showcased several improved predecessors, Rolex 3156 caliber, found in Rolex’s One day.

Undoubtedly, the most important of these developments—perhaps the most technically impressive—is the highest astronomical clock precision, and it now refers to the amazing 2-2 to +2 seconds accuracy of the 3255 aircraft every day. Rolex will still send all 3255 actions to COSC for official certification, and COSC will test the accuracy of the coverless action every day -4 / +6 seconds. Rolex accepts the certification action, puts them up, and then submits the fully assembled watch to its own internal test, which will ensure that Rolex 40th (and possibly other models) is accurate at the above speed – 2 / +2 Every day.

The test was developed by Rolex’s specially programmed high-tech equipment and an exclusive method to simulate the actual wearing conditions of the watch. This may include the myriad of different positions that the analog watch occupies when worn on the wrist, how the watch is affected by sudden movements, and the watch’s quiescent state of 8-10 hours per day without wearing it.

We learned that most of the developments in 3255 were improvements to sports buildings and materials – and these improvements were really beneficial. 3255 now 70 hours of power reserve – about 50% over its predecessor – mainly through the design of the new escapement and half of the main wall thickness, allowing for a larger main reason – the latter developed accessories A power reserve of about 10 hours is provided separately.

Another striking innovation is the “time energy” escapement, which is said to be much more efficient than previous installations. According to Rolex, this is due to the efficiency of the escapement. Rolex redesigned the geometry of the Swiss lever escapement – ​​found in most modern mechanical timepieces – by redesigning the size and shape of escape wheels, pallet forks and pallet jewels.

It is particularly worth mentioning that for watch enthusiasts interested in Rolex’s latest and most advanced sports details, the thickness of the pallet stone is reduced by half and the contact surface of the escape gear is doubled. At the same time, the escapement system is no longer aligned, but slightly offset, thereby increasing the leverage; finally, the escape wheel has a cut-off design that makes it lighter and reduces its inertia. All of these seemingly minor changes illustrate the efficiency of an escapement that has existed for more than two centuries.

The new escapement is a nickel-phosphorus structure that is insensitive to magnetic interference. We did ask for more details, and we learned that the 3255’s motion—without a soft iron casing to protect it—can still withstand magnetic fields of more than 1000 Gauss (and therefore be as diamagnetic as Rolex’s Milgauss). The balance wheel itself has also been updated; it still has an umbrella spring (unlike Rolex’s Syloxi Silicon Spring), manufactured by Rolex’s exclusive alloy of niobium and zirconium. It is said that this type of parachute that is insensitive to magnetic fields provides great stability in the case of temperature changes and is 10 times more accurate than conventional springs in the event of an impact.

What makes the new Rolex 40 particularly interesting is that at first glance, it seems to be just a minor update, reducing the Rolex 40-day watch by 1 mm. However, it actually accumulates a lot of subtle developments, all of which are designed to further improve the overall wearing experience. This includes an impressive new sport with a test accuracy of -2 / +2 seconds per day, improved bracelet design, and new, visually interesting – of course very high quality – dials and indices . Rolex 40, as a complete package, is interesting, its beauty is not just deep skin. Given that Rolex watches are only available in the precious metals market, I am curious to know when and how these new products will enter Rolex sports watches, such as Submariner or GMT-Master II.

Rolex’s date 40 has 950 Platinum (Ref. 228206), 18k Everose gold (Ref. 228235), 18k Gold (Ref. 228238) and 18k Platinum (Ref. 228239). The first day of Rolex is 40 platinum, the first day of Rolex is 350,000 Swiss francs, the first day of Rolex is 40 Everose, the first day of Rolex. For 334,000 Swiss francs, Rolex’s first day price is 40 gold, while Rolex’s first day price is 40 gold and the price is 350,000 Swiss francs.