Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show 2013: New Black & Blue Rolex GMT-Master II and Platinum Rolex Daytona

At the 2013 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show, Rolex Replica Watches showed several new models, including Platinum Rolex Daytona and Black and Blue Rolex GMT-Master II. Basically just a new color variant of the current Rolex GMT-Master II series, this new version features a two-color cerachrom border insert (the first Rolex), with blue and black day/night.

The new model, still 40 mm in size, powered by the Rolex Calibre 3186, is an extra color choice for buyers looking for classic Pam Am. The Rolex Replica announcement was a big event at the Basel World Watch Conference. When the new model was exhibited outside the Rolex booth, the crowd quickly formed. For the legendary Rolex Daytona, bystanders seem to be complicated by the renewal of most cosmetics and the lack of a specific 50th anniversary film.

In addition to the black and blue Rolex GMT-Master II is a brand new blue and brown Platinum Rolex Daytona. This is not what Cheap Rolex Replica Watches expects from Rolex Daytona. The new version is also 40 mm, and the case and bracelet are made of 950 platinum with a light blue dial and a brown cerachrom bezel. In addition to the new colors and metals, Platinum Rolex Daytona (Ref. 116505) is powered by the Calibre 4130 COSC automatic chronograph movement with 72-hour power reserve. This new version appeared on the 50th birthday of Rolex Daytona. Although the color combination is very interesting, many people are looking forward to a new model size.

Rolex Datejust II And Rolex Day-Date II Watch Review

Rolex has released Rolex Datejust II and Rolex Day-Date II in the past few years. Their goal is to become a large-size version of the classic Rolex Datejust and Rolex Day-Date. The Rolex Replica Watches date is also often referred to as Rolex President. Rolex even called its bracelet style “President’s Bracelet.” The Rolex Datejust and Rolex Day Jujube models that have been sold for many years are 36 mm wide. For a long time, this size was considered enough to satisfy a man’s needs, but men have always liked bigger watches in the past decade. Although no one said it would happen, Rolex succumbed under pressure and began to release a larger version of the classic. Therefore, the 41mm wide Rolex Datejust and Rolex date models were born, while the 36mm wide version is still actually produced. Today, the 36 mm wide and smaller versions of these Rolex watches are often the most popular among women.

As part of the Oyster case style tradition, the back of the watch is also unscrewed. Like all Cheap Rolex Replica Watches, the Rolex Datejust II and Rolex Day-Date II covers are completely blank with a simple brushed surface. Although the larger 41 mm wide case size requires different wearing expectations, the lower part of the case is very flat and the case is relatively long, so the comfort is quite excellent. It’s not as comfortable as the 36mm wide version, but it doesn’t fit snugly on the wrist. Please note that these Rolex watches still have protective plastic on many surfaces, which is the dealer’s requirement for unsold parts. This is also related to the small bar code on the side of the case that was removed at the time of purchase.

The Oyster-style bracelet is a simpler version of the exquisite bracelet of Rolex Submariner (reviewed here). It doesn’t have a Glidelock deployment, and the style is a bit different (Submariner doesn’t have a polished center link). The Oyster bracelet has a unique look and is much smaller than the historic Swiss Rolex Watches. The metal is all milled without any seals. The deployer closes with a reassuring squeak and needs to use a soft drag to open the bracelet at the end of the expander.

How Does The Rolex Submariner Watch Get Its Position?

Contrary to popular belief, the Rolex Submariner is not the first waterproof watch – it is not even the first Rolex Replica Watches waterproof watch. When Hans Wilsdorf founded the brand in the early 20th century, he had focused on a unique concept: making sturdy, precise watches for the average person. His watches are affordable, mass-selling and completing the work they should do, which is admirable. The watch market already has the Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin in the form of Patek Philippe and Jaeger-LeCoultre. It needs Volkswagen, which is a rich and reliable product for the public. This is what Wilstdorf offers. The product.

Thanks to the sealed housing – at the front, the rear and the crown are tightened – the dial is smooth. This is an incredible breakthrough and a name that brings Best Rolex Replica Watches to today, but the watch itself is only half the size of Wilsdorf’s success. The other half comes from the commercial part of his brain, the tactician knows when, where and how to promote his brand. Wellsdorf took advantage of Oyster’s cross-channel journey, airing front-page ads in the Daily Mail and expressing incredible feats to hundreds of thousands of viewers. To limit it, he let his retailer drown Oyster in a fish tank, and the demonstration surprised people.

In the 1960s and 1970s, companies like Bulova and Elgin began developing electronic watches. Once Seiko mastered the new technology, they adopted the concept and worked with it, triggering the so-called “quartz crisis”. By the end of the 1970s, the production of quartz watches had been greatly reduced. In contrast, the cost of mechanical watches was very expensive. Many traditional watchmakers, some of which have been produced for centuries, disappeared and were swept away due to the huge sales force of quartz watches. For Rolex Replica, it has only one thing, that is, making Oysterquartz.

Rolex GMT-Master II 116719 BLRO Red And Blue Ceramic Watch: The Return Of The Pepsi Bezel

I have to admit that it was quite amazing to see Rolex release the blue and black versions of the GMT-Master II (see 116710 BLNR) just a year later when they released the blue and black versions of the same watch. In fact, as a Rolex Replica Watches store sales, for the “Batman” GMT-Master II reference. 116710BLNR is still very hot, Rolex continues to complete their mission, using the 2014 Ref new resurrection “Pan Am” bezel. 116719 BLRO features a full blue and red GMT bezel.

In a sense, this new watch is a dedication to the original 1955 GMT-Master watch. We introduced this watch when discussing the history of the Rolex Oyster professional watch and explained how Rolex Replica used the pilot watch for the game, but the Pan Am airline pilot developed a time for their needs. meter. The red and blue portions of the bezel are used (more or less) as AM/PM day/night indicators, but the bright colors are also quite unique.

In the end, Rolex introduced the new GMT-Master II, which retains the blue and red tones of the bezel and adds other colors. Around 2007, Rolex stopped producing the Pepsi bezel (well known), and later Fake Rolex Watches used the Cerachrom ceramic bezel for all GMT-Master II watches. Ceramics as a material are clearly better than the old aluminum frame that was introduced in 2008, but it takes years for Rolex to make borders in colors other than black or blue.

Rolex Cellini Date Watch 2014 New Products

In the 2014 new Rolex Cellini dress watch three new watches, the Rolex Cellini Date watch can be considered the most beautiful watch. Of course, Rolex Cellini time (only time) is clean and easy to choose. Cellini Dual Time provides a great travel watch for those who like to pack a tuxedo in their suitcase, but the Cellini Date Hybrid Rolex Replica Watches new guilloche is beautiful. The aesthetic is engraved with a dial and has the practicality of a date indicator.

I don’t remember the last time Rolex showed the date through the dial and the disc in the window. In fact, Rolex Replica invented the concept of the date calendar window watch with the original Datejust. If you like some more formal formal wear and know that the date is useful to you, Rolex Date is a very attractive product. The date dial further helps to add the character to a character that was originally just a three-handed face. The extra information makes this dial a deeper “watch area”, making it suitable for those who want to get the Rolex Cellini Date instead of their only timepiece, but as a complement to a variety of premium watch collections.

With a width of 39 mm, I think the Cellini case combines elegance and modern proportions, and the satisfying feeling is neither too big nor too small. Unlike the wider lugs on most Oyster Professional watches such as Submariner, the lugs on the Cellini case are more tapered and more suitable for a small fit on the wrist. It feels like almost all Fake Rolex Watches were dedicated to metal bracelets a few years ago. Now, with works like Rolex Cellini, we are beginning to realize that we are more focused on adding straps to the Rolex wearing experience.