Rolex Expands The Strict -2/+2 Second Internal Watch Accuracy Test To The Entire Production

Less than a year ago, at the BaselWorld event in March 2015, Rolex launched an updated version of Rolex on the 40th day (we are here to do it) – and through it, we received a new Rolex Value Astronomy Certification. Although there is no news, Rolex watches rigorous internal testing, submission deadline 40 marks the beginning of a new internal certification process, such as Rolex said it will test the new term 3255 sports watches and the unprecedentedly impressive accuracy. 2 / + 2 seconds per day. Now, Rolex has quietly extended its Rolex superb astronomical certification to its entire production, which means that all Rolex oysters and Celini watches will be tested by Rolex to meet their stringent -2/+2 second accuracy rating. . Here’s how it works.

For a long time (more on history below), Cheap Rolex Replica Watches has been submitting its campaign to the independent COSC Astronomical Clock certification test – this will not change, as Rolex will continue to send all its movements to COSC. This means that the unsealed movement was sent to the COSC facility in Biel and Saint-Imier, where each unsealed movement was tested at 5 different locations, at a total of 15 different temperatures. day. During these tests, the watch was checked to run within the maximum mean deviation of -4/+6 seconds per day. The sport that passed the test will receive their COSC officially certified astronomical clock mark and will be transferred back to Rolex.

Until recently, Rolex Replica Watches has been looking for these COSC-certified campaigns and submitted their internal certification to complement COSC. For Rolex, it is this extra test that gives the Rolex watch the title of “the highest astronomical watch” – so far it has been certified by the red Rolex seal attached to the Rolex watch.

However, the latest news is how this internal test is communicated and how strict its standards are. In practice, Rolex has developed and redesigned its own advanced inspection facilities and proprietary methods based on testing the complete loading of the watch – part of this method includes simulation of the condition to actually wear – therefore, Rolex Said that in the case of imitation, it is more like a “real experience” watch.

Rolex also said that they “completely automate the testing process for 100% Rolex watches waterproof, automatic winding capacity and power reserve.” All of this is to ensure the reliability, robustness and even their diamagnetic and impact of the watch. Automation and a series of complex tasks and tests must be a huge challenge to overcome, but then again, although watch manufacturers still play an important role in the manufacturing Rolex watches, almost any other Swiss watch manufacturing is more like Rolex. The knowledge automation process ensures extremely high execution quality. Learn more about 10 things how Fake Rolex Watches makes watches here.

In these internal tests, Rolex checked all the watches – 100% Rolex Oyster watches, and the new self-winding Cellini watch – accuracy. To be precise, this means that during these tests, all watches must be completed in -2/+2 seconds per day. It is this more rigorous process than cosc ​​that has made Rolex add the word “top level” to the timer on the oyster collection watch dial.

As promised, history: In the past, watches were designated by their own manufacturers as chronographs to highlight the particularly precise movement of the clock. Needless to say, this self-styled use has led to fraudulent abuse by some watch manufacturers, which ultimately requires official certification. Rolex watches began to be officially certified in the late 1930s, at which time it began to mark its dial with the “official certified astronomical clock” instead of the “astronomical clock.” When official certification became a must-have for everyone in 1951, Rolex tried to further differentiate itself from other companies by obtaining an “avec mention certificate.” Avec mentioned that the accuracy proved to be superior to other companies’ campaigns and received a “very good result” certificate.

Because of these superior certification results, Swiss Rolex Watches originally began marking the watch with the title of “Best Astronomical Clock” – although the COSC Certified 4 / + 6 standard is still commendable, Rolex today, apparently, has a manufacturing capacity that will be further limited, so again Prove that the “top level” term is on the dial.

As for competition? Most notably, Omega has introduced its own new internal testing program for the coaxial main astronomical clock line, which is suitable for a more limited but expanding range of models – such as Globemaster (provided here) The actual operation and more details about the movement). Omega’s internal testing method has been certified by the independent federal agency METAS. Through these processes, Omega claims that the coaxial main astronomical clock has an accuracy of 0 to +5 seconds per day. This does mean some considerable competition, but Omega is still launching its “master astronomical clock” designated campaign for more models of its product line.

Each Rolex watch comes with a green seal and a five-year international warranty, which is the symbol of the latest super-class astronomical “status”. Taking into account the scale of operations, and Rolex production data will never be public, Rolex watches were submitted in 800,000 years of sports COSC strict timing performance standards of 800,000 years, Rolex watches are more likely to produce the most accurate Swiss-made mechanical watches, mass production Quantity.

Cheap Rolex Sky-Dweller Replica Watch Review

Mind you that today in 2018 the Rolex Sky-Dweller Replica  is hardly new but it is still the newest kid on the Rolex block.The Sky-Dweller introduced a brand new movement, which happens to be the most complicated movement that Rolex produces. This annual calendar GMT is their “grand complication” and is assembled by a dedicated team among the larger Rolex watchmaker staff.

What also set the Sky-Dweller apart from most other Cheap Rolex Replica watches was the size. Even though the case design continues to be the Rolex Oyster that we know and love, Rolex produced it in a 42mm wide case, making it the largest “dressy” timepiece produced by the brand. Also predictable at the time of release was that that Sky-Dweller would be very expensive.

The most unique part of the Sky-Dweller as compared to other Fake Rolex Watches is the exposed eccentric ring on the dial used to display the GMT time. The second time zone is read under 12 o’clock via the red and white arrow pointer. This display was both novel and non-Rolex when it was launched and instantly sparked debate. In fact, so did the entire dial of the original Sky-Dweller watches that had either Arabic or Roman numeral hour markers in the various colors available. While many people appreciated the Sky-Dweller’s novelty when it first came out, few called it particularly pretty.

The size, price, and complexity made it the “beast” of Rolex Best Replica Watches. Eventually Rolex would redesign the Sky-Dweller dial, putting it more in line with the design of the Rolex Datejust 41. So much so that I feel the Datejust 41 and Sky-Dweller are like close siblings. You can even get the watches similarly-styled with the same three-link Oyster bracelet, white baton hour markers, Rolesor case, and champagne-colored dial.

What everyone loved about the Sky-Dweller when it first came out is still one of its best and most innovative features – that being the annual calendar display. Rolex’s Swiss Replica Watches goal was to keep the dial as clean and legible as possible – so adding yet another dial or window to indicate the month in addition to the date wasn’t ideal. More so, the month indicator isn’t something you tend to look at constantly, so having it in front of your face all the time doesn’t seem necessary. The result was using a place near the hour markers to indicate the current month. This is based on the idea that there are 12 hours as well as 12 months. When the window next to 1 o’clock on the dial goes from white to red, that means the current month is January.